Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cats with glasses

Some people might think that dogs are smarter that cats and they don't have brains. Well that's about to change, check this out, Smartzz Catzz with glassess. How cute.

Cats-Glasses-5 Cats-Glasses-15 Cats-Glasses-10 Cats-Glasses-11 Cats-Glasses-14 Cats-Glasses-12 Cats-Glasses-8 Cats-Glasses-9 Cats-Glasses-3 Cats-Glasses-2 Cats-Glasses-7 Cats-Glasses-16 Cats-Glasses-17 Cats in Glasses Cats-Glasses-6 Cats-Glasses-13 Cats-Glasses-4

[via    Animal Zone]

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